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October 7, 2021

How to purchase more iCloud storage

Have you ever tried to download an app or take a picture, but your device says there is not enough iCloud storage?
October 7, 2021

How to restore a backup from Samsung to Apple

Learn how to restore a backup from Samsung to Apple.
October 6, 2021

iCloud Backup

iCloud is a great way for you to backup pictures and videos on your iPhone.
October 6, 2021

Important message for PTCI cell customers

Important message for PTCI cellular customers.
October 6, 2021

How to swap your phone’s sim card

With PTCI switching to our own brand-new core for cellular service, a SIM card swap in your cell phone is required. Without this swap, your voice service will stop working.
September 23, 2021

Online Ordering via SmartHub

Did you know you can edit your PTCI services and even order a new cellphone via SmartHub?
July 26, 2021

Samsung Google Partnership

If Samsung is making some of the best hardware, and Google making some of the best software, it stands to reason that these companies can create great devices together.
July 23, 2021

The Electric Vehicle Craze

In 2008, Tesla released its first electric car. The concept wasn’t very popular at the time but now in 2021, every major vehicle manufacturer seems to […]
July 23, 2021

Top Streaming Platforms of 2021

Here is a list of some of the most popular streaming services of 2021.