Streaming Care

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12-month subscription

New streaming service set-up

New streaming device set-up

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Help choosing the best streaming services for you

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How to Cut the Cord

List your priorities.

Is watching local channels, sports, or certain channels your priority? Price?

Find your channels.

Go toThe Streamable or - online tools for finding the best-fit streaming service.

Find your streaming device.

Choose from smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV and more.

Choose a couple of services.

You might be happier with multiple streaming services to enjoy the content you want.

Take advantage of free trials.

Most services offer free trials so you can try them before paying for them.

Still unsure?

Let us help you find which streaming options are best for you and your family with Streaming Care.

Hint: Visit each streaming service's website for complete list of channel packages and compatible devices.


What is streaming?
Steaming is watching video/TV over the internet.
Do I need internet or WiFi to stream?
You need an internet speed of at least 100 Mbps to stream, and you also need a WiFi network for your devices to work properly. If you don't setup and troubleshoot a WiFi network yourself, try PTCI's Whole Home WiFi.
Do I need a smart TV?
Smart TVs and streaming devices can both be used for watching TV over the internet. We recommend visiting the streaming service providers' websites for their lists of supported devices.
Can I use my streaming device with an older TV?
Yes, but if your TV does not have an HDMI port, you will need an HDMI converter.
Can I access my streaming service on multiple TVs or devices?
Most streaming services allow multiple devices access, but some offer more streams (devices accessing the service simultaneously) than others.
Can I still record TV?
Yes, most streaming services offer cloud DVR (Digital Video Recording).
What is ON DEMAND?
ON DEMAND is a collection of shows or movies you can access without needing to have them recorded. You do no have to watch them live.
Why do I need a streaming device and a streaming service?
The streaming device (or smart TV) gives you access to your streaming service in a similar way that set-top-boxes gave you access to your traditional TV subscription.
Can I watch live, local news and weather?
Yes, some streaming services offer live, local networks. You may access live news and weather in viewing areas like Amarillo and Oklahoma City through apps in your device's or smart TV's app store. We recommend NewsON.
Why is streaming TV beneficial?
Streaming is much less expensive than traditional TV, but still offers extensive channel lineups. It often gives you access to higher-quality, 4K picture. You have the flexibility to take your TV with you and watch on your mobile devices. No commitment-if you decide you don't like the streaming service you picked the first time, switch next month without consequence.
Streaming care does not cover the repair or replacement of any TVs, streaming devices, or remote controls. Streaming care does not include the installation/mounting of any audio or video equipment at the customer premise. Customer must subscribe to residential PTCI internet package. A twelve-month minimum subscription is required for Streaming Care service. PTCI is not a reseller of streaming services.