Cell Plans

Cellular Plans

PTCI offers competitive plans to match any lifestyle.

Data Plans

PTCI offers three data plans with the main difference being what happens when you go over.

  • No Overage – Once you reach your data limit, the service stops completely.
  • Unlimited – Access to high-speed data may be reduced after 100 GB of use, after which you may experience slower speeds.
  • Data Share Plan – Once you reach your data limit, you pay $15.00 per GB over.

Unlimited Data Plans

Unlimited Data Plan


Unlimited Data Plan

  • Single line unlimited cellular data plan

Unlimited Shared Data Plan


Unlimited Shared Data Plan

  • Share up to 10 devices

No Overage Data Plans

60 GB Shared


60 GB Shared No Overage Data Plan

  • Share up to 4 devices

Data Share Plan

5 GB Shared


5 GB Shared Data Plan

  • Share up to 10 devices

Voice and Text Plans


Talk and Text


Unlimited Voice and Text

  • Unlimited Voice
  • Unlimited Text

To Mexico


Unlimited Voice and Text to Mexico

  • Unlimited Voice & Text
  • Unlimited Voice & Text to Mexico

$15.00 per GB over on Shared Data Plan.

Lifeline Services

Lifeline Services available. Quality of service may vary on networks outside the PTCI Home Area. Certain features and functions will not be available and reception may be diminished by obstructions, such as buildings and foliage. No guarantee of coverage is given.