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Welcome to the PTCI  web page for unclaimed capital credits. To check if you have unclaimed capital credits, use the Capital Credits Search below.

Capital credits are most commonly unclaimed because PTCI does not have your current address.

This page will only be of benefit to you if you have had qualifying service in one or more of the Cooperative exchanges.

What are Capital Credits? Capital credits are margins allocated to the customers of the Cooperative on a pro-rated basis, in proportion to their qualifying services. Margins are revenues remaining after all expenses have been paid.

Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, a portion of these credits are refunded or credited to the customer’s account when the financial condition of the Cooperative permits. A more detailed explanation of capital credits can be found in Article VII of the Cooperative by-laws.

There are no charges or fees associated with this search.

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Enter your last name below to search for any unclaimed capital credits. Each name listed represents one capital credit account. You will be required to submit a form for each account. You may not request reimbursement of capital credits for anyone other than yourself unless the individual is deceased and you are a qualified heir. We must pay out checks to the individual(s) who signed the application for the account.

Inquiries may be submitted in writing to: PTCI, PO Box 1188, Guymon, OK 73942.  The amount of the unclaimed capital credits cannot be obtained by phone. Your claim will be researched and processed when we have received the required documentation.