Ways PTCI is an industry leading company

Doing business locally is always a good choice. And when the customer is the owner, like in a cooperative, it’s even better. When you can combine that with a company that is an industry leader, like PTCI, you are getting the best of both worlds.

PTCI gig-capable fiberoptic internet is industry-leading. It brings speeds to our part of the world that many in large cities can’t even get. And it’s not just any kind of fiber, but the best kind, it reaches each home and business with gig-capable speeds. Many who claim gig-capable speeds mean that it adds up to a gig over a shared line. This difference is what has earned us the prestigious Smart Rural Community Provider title.

And our reach continues to grow. In 2021 we have started the final year of our seven-year Fiber to the Home Project in Boise City. All major towns in the Oklahoma Panhandle will have fiber. The work continues to bring this same fiber to our farms and ranches with the Rural Surge, making the PTCI an industry leader in bringing high-speed internet to rural America. Our reach into Texas, serving Perryton, Spearman, Booker, Canadian, and coming soon, Gruver has brought high-speed internet to the northern Texas panhandle too.

High-speed internet access is becoming ever more important in people’s daily lives. It allows all of us to be more competitive in what we do, adapt to a changing world faster, and access more opportunities. Great internet helps small local businesses keep up to the big guys in growing market segments and gives them the technology they need to conduct business more efficiently. It also gives people more opportunities to receive a higher education online whether they choose to attend a local college, trade school, or a school anywhere else in the world.

PTCI’s cellular service covers the panhandle like no one else. With over four times as many towers as our competitors, PTCI has led the way in covering more of the Oklahoma Panhandle than anyone else. PTCI has gone to great lengths to measure our signal compared to our competitors, and it’s not even close with nearly twice the coverage area as our competitors. From Lake Etling to Laverne PTCI cellular has you covered. And PTCI isn’t finished as we continue to work hard to get our own 5G core ready to roll out.

PTCI also has an incredible cellular partner in AT&T. With our exclusive roaming agreement you can roam the open road knowing you’ll have great cellular service from coast to coast. Our work with AT&T also makes us a vital partner in FirstNet, a nationwide public safety network dedicated to first responders when disaster strikes.

PTCI offers great cellular technology along with a variety of the best smartphones. Whether you favor Apple or Android, PTCI can provide you with the top cell phones on the market. To keep you connected to what you love most, wherever you go, PTCI always offers competitively priced data plans and offers hundreds of dollars off the latest phones.

Get the best of both worlds with PTCI. You’ll be supporting your community by shopping local and you’ll be getting industry-leading technology right here in the Oklahoma Panhandle.