Top Streaming Platforms of 2021

The momentum to cut the cable and join the streaming tv wave is ever increasing. And with that, the number of streaming options can seem endless. Choices are great, but too many can make it feel overwhelming to decide. Here is a list of some of the more popular streaming services of 2021 to help you decide what works for you.

Live content, cable replacement streaming services

These are services you pay a monthly fee to receive a group of channels much like cable or satellite providers offer.

  • YouTubeTV—is a true cable replacement. The 70-plus channels it offers are the typical channels found in a cable tv lineup and currently only costs $64.99. It allows you to set up six devices, and you can set up your guide how you would like with your favorite channels at the top. It also has add-on packages for premium movie channels like HBO Max, sports packages like NBA League Pass, and many others.
  • Hulu + Live TV—a long-time streaming favorite now with live tv! Hulu comes with two streams, but for a small fee allows you to add as many as you want. Hulu also offers original programming and an easy-to-navigate format for binge-watching. Hulu + Live TV currently runs $64.99 per month.
  • fuboTV—this streaming service started out sports-centric, and while it’s still a great place to find a ton of sports content, it has branched out to popular channels as well. This service offers over 100 channels for just $64.99 per month. Fubo has a clean interface that makes it easy to find content by category. FuboTV is a good fit for many streamers, but especially for those who want loads of live sports.
  • Sling TV—looking to drop your cable bill way down? Sling may be the choice for you. Sling offers a pair of bundles, one as low as $35 per month. There are add-ons that can bring the cost up, but also bring up viewing options. And while the number of channels is limited, many of the most popular channels are available.