Beware of Clever Scammers


Scammers are becoming ever more clever and trying various tactics to trick you into giving them your personal information. Some scammers will even pretend to be from local companies in your area like PTCI. It’s important to recognize these scams for what they are so your personal information isn’t at risk.


PTCI will never call you unsolicited and ask for access to your computer, accounts, or devices. If you get an unexpected call from PTCI asking for any information or virtual access, it is best to hang up the phone and call PTCI’s direct number at 800-562-2556 to see if PTCI has attempted to contact you.


Scammers will try to use businesses, towns, and other local area names to catch you off guard. They are also usually very pushy, trying to pressure people into giving them the information they demand. It’s best to hang up in these scenarios immediately. The longer you are connected to a scammer, the more time they have to try something nefarious.