Account Security

SIM Swapping

What is a SIM swap?
SIM swapping is a malicious tactic scammers use to try to access accounts connected to financial institutions or other valuable information.
How does it work?
A SIM swap occurs when the device tied to a customer's phone number is fraudulently changed to a different device in the scammer's possession. By doing this, the scammer can receive text messages, calls, and authentication codes that would normally be sent to you.
How do I report a SIM swap scam?
If you received a message from PTCI notifying you about changes to your device. If you did not request this change, contact us immediately at 800-562-2556.


How PTCI safeguards your account
Under Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules, telephone companies like PTCI are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). When opening a new account with PTCI, you must show a photo ID to prove your identity. We can only discuss account information with people authorized by the account owner. For some routine customer service issues, CPNI can be addressed if you have the bill or call detail information you wish to discuss. When you call with account questions, we must authenticate you by requesting your pre-established password, calling you back at a telephone number provided by PTCI, or sending the information to your street or email address of record.