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What is the PTCI WiFi App?
The PTCI WiFi App is an official PTCI app that works in conjunction with Whole Home WiFi. You can download the PTCI WiFi App on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store for free. The PTCI WiFi App allows you to control your home WiFi network from your phone and also alerts you of security threats that ProtectIQ blocks.
What is ExperienceIQ?

ExperienceIQ comes with PTCI Whole Home WiFi and is controlled through the PTCI WiFi App. ExperienceIQ gives you the power to manage every aspect of your network including passwords, enabling a guest WiFi network, managing network access, content filters, parental controls, device prioritization, and more.

What is ProtectIQ?

ProtectIQ is a network firewall that comes with Whole Home WiFi for no extra cost. ProtectIQ works in the background to keep unwanted visitors out of your home WiFi network.

What can I do as basic troubleshooting?

First, check to make sure all wires are connected to your router. Reboot your router. Check to make sure you have the correct WiFi network name and password information.

How do I get WiFi signal further away from my router?

You can make adjustments to your router’s settings or its placement in your home to improve signal quality.

Does PTCI sell routers?

PTCI’s service, Whole Home WiFi, includes a dual-band router that delivers a remarkable WiFi experience for your whole home. For larger homes, or homes with “dead zones,” signal extenders are available. PTCI will keep your router up-to-date and provide you with 24/7 tech support.

What is PTCI’s Whole Home WiFi?

PTCI’s service, Whole Home WiFi, provides a remarkable WiFi experience for your whole home. Whole Home WiFi comes with ProtectIQ (a firewall for your home network), and ExperienceIQ (which lets you control your network with features like device prioritization, content filters, and parental controls.) ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ can be accessed and controlled through the free PTCI WiFi App. With Whole Home WiFi, you no longer have to remember router firmware updates, because they happen automatically. For larger homes up to 6,000 sq ft, or homes with “dead zones,” WiFi extenders are available. PTCI will keep your router up-to-date and provide you with 24/7 tech support.

What do the lights on the router mean?

Each light will have a specific label set by the manufacture. Most of the time solid green or blinking lights are good. Yellow or orange can have mixed definitions. Red or no light may indicate problems.

What is WiFi?

A WiFi network, or wireless network, uses a radio frequency signal instead of wires to connect your devices to the internet and to each other. The WiFi signal can be picked up by any wireless-capable device such as a laptop or tablet within a certain distance in all directions.

What is the difference between WiFi and internet?

WiFi and internet go hand-in-hand, but they are not the same thing. Internet service is what gives you the ability to access the web. WiFi is what distributes internet service throughout your home so that you can access it wirelessly. Without WiFi, you can only connect to your internet service through a wired connection. Typically, WiFi connects your laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices to the internet. WiFi is the easiest way for most devices to access the internet.