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Why does my stream pause, buffer, or look blurry?
Many factors can contribute to issues with your video streaming experience. Issues like aging routers, aging SmartTVs, aging streaming devices, or subscribing to an internet plan that doesn’t meet your usage needs can all degrade your internet experience. You may want to reboot your streaming device to troubleshoot first. Blurry images may be due to your TV resolution settings, your streaming service provider, or issues with your bandwidths/internet speed. To help diagnose your unique troubles, please call us at 800-752-5411 to open a ticket so we can help you
What internet speed do I need to stream?

PTCI recommends at least 100 Mbps for streaming. If you are streaming on multiple devices, or have multiple devices accessing the internet at once in your household then a higher speed is recommended. Also, each streaming provider recommends a recommended speed per stream. Please visit your streaming provider’s website for specific internet speeds in correlation to streaming.

What is streaming care?

Streaming Care is a PTCI service that helps with setting up or using streaming services in your home.

How can I tell if my streaming issue is related to my internet connection or my streaming service provider?

One useful way to check if your streaming service provider is experiencing an outage is by visiting this site:

Why can’t I run multiple streams on LTE?

Many streaming providers recommend 8-10 Mbps per stream. Please visit your streaming provider’s website for specific internet speeds per stream. Fixed LTE internet is only capable of providing up to 30 Mbps.

Why does Hulu lock me out while using my Fixed LTE internet?

Because Hulu uses IP address authentication, Fixed LTE customers often pull new IP addresses causing Hulu to register you as using its service in a new location. After a set number of IP address changes, the Hulu account will lock.