How to activate your PTCI eSIM.

  1. Once you receive your new device, call PTCI at 800-562-2556 or chat online with a representative.
  2. A PTCI representative will issue a QR code to begin.
  3. Go to Settings>Cellular>Add Cellular Plan
  4. The iPhone camera opens>Scan QR Code 
  5. Enable Data Roaming
  6. Enable LTE/VoLTE Roaming

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that can be downloaded onto compatible devices. Like a physical SIM card, an eSIM allows you to connect to the PTCI network.

Some devices are dual SIM, meaning you can simultaneously have an eSIM and a traditional physical SIM card. Each SIM would have its own phone number attached to it so that you could have multiple phone numbers on one device.

You can also have multiple eSIMs to achieve the same function.

With an eSIM, you can send and receive text messages just like on a traditional SIM card. If you are using dual SIM, choose which phone number you want to use before sending a text or MMS. You will receive messages from either number at any time.

Using data
You may have to toggle between default services on some devices. Other devices may offer the option to switch services based on the SIM used for active calls. You can find this option in your device settings.

If you’re connected to WiFi, your device will use it for both numbers, even if you’re on a call.

You’ll have to choose the number you wish to use before making a call. You can also set the phone to default to the last number used. Additionally, place a call on hold for one number and place a call from the other.

If you’re already on a call, you’ll get a notification for incoming calls on the number you’re using. Incoming calls will ring on your second line.