PTCI's Rural Surge


PTCI is bringing high-speed internet to the farm.


In 2019 PTCI began a 5–7-year project to extend our fiber network to all farms and ranches within our service territory. This project, called “Rural Surge”, replaces over 2,000 miles of outdated cable and will provide high-speed internet to customers in the many remote areas of the Oklahoma Panhandle.


And when we say high speed, we mean a gig-capable direct fiber connection. With PTCI completing the Fiber to the Home Project that delivered high speed internet fiber to all the major population centers in our coverage area in 2021, the Rural Surge Project will make the Oklahoma Panhandle one of the few places on the planet to cover the most remote areas with the highest speeds available.


PTCI’s gig-capable fiber is the best kind of gig-capable fiber too, with each individual connection able to achieve of gig speeds. Some who claim gig speeds only reach that through a shared line. PTCI is working hard to make sure all of our fiber is well protected and backed up to keep your connection going.