No one beats PTCI cellular in the Oklahoma Panhandle


When it comes to cellular coverage in the Oklahoma Panhandle, no one comes close to PTCI. With 41 towers covering from Lake Etling to Laverne, PTCI has more than four times as many cellular towers than any of our competitors. PTCI is here to make sure your home area is well covered.


When you do have to leave your home area, PTCI’s nationwide partner, AT&T’s top-notch nationwide network has you covered from coast to coast. PTCI has also a rural partner in AT&T’s FirstNet Mission. FirstNet is a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety to allow first responders to get more information quickly and help them make faster and better decisions when disaster strikes.


PTCI’s No Overage Plans have set the standard for cellular plans in our area and serve you better than so-called “unlimited plans” from our competitors. These plans were made even better in 2020. PTCI also continues to bring the top in cellular technology to the Oklahoma Panhandle with a path to 5G in the near future, and even our own 5G core.


PTCI makes sure you have great choices when it comes to phones. Whether you prefer Apple or Android, PTCI stays stocked up on the most popular devices on the market.


When you choose PTCI for your cellular service, you help your local community in so many ways. First, our headquarters are right here in the Oklahoma Panhandle, and as a cooperative, we are owned by you and your neighbor. Decisions are made by our board of directors, democratically elected from every region of the cooperative.


It also helps our local economy by creating a larger base of skilled labor and professional-level jobs that help to create a more stable economy. This, in turn, allows for more money to flow to other locally owned businesses and creates a larger tax base to improve our local infrastructure.  PTCI also donates to charitable events, non-profit organizations, children’s sports teams, and much more.


PTCI cellular is the best choice for your cellular needs and is what’s best for the Oklahoma Panhandle!