Is it time to upgrade your cell phone?


Is your aging cell phone trying to tell you that it is time to upgrade? Here are some signs that it might be time to switch to a new device.

  • Touch Screen is nonresponsive or slow to the touch

If your swipes and taps are being ignored or not being recognized by the screen it is most likely time to upgrade to a device that listens.

  • Phone unexpectedly shuts down

If your phone randomly shuts down and takes time to power back up it is time to upgrade your device.

  • Horrible battery life

Is your phone always on low battery without using it? Unless you’re watching YouTube and movies all day on a recent-model smartphone, you can reasonably expect to leave the house with it each morning to return at the end of the day without ever stopping to recharge its battery.

  • Spiderweb screen

Do you get tiny shards of glass in your fingers when you swipe your screen? It is most likely time to discard the smashed display and get you a new crisp screen. It will be a delight on your eyes and your fingers.

  • Pictures and videos look grainy or unfocused

Along with a new phone comes a better camera. Stop capturing grainy, low-resolution moments and start collecting crisp, clear, high-resolution memories.

  • No one can hear what you are saying

Do you have to yell, plug in headphones, or talk on speaker phone? If these are the only ways that your friends and family can hear you when accepting calls it is time to upgrade.

  • Slow Phone

If your applications are slow to launch or glitching when you open them it might be time to upgrade. Internet browsers not loading websites correctly or super slowly means it is time to ditch the old phone.