No Overage Plans

PTCI’s no overage plans allow you to use your smartphone without the worry of going over on your data. This means that if you choose one of the no overage plans, you will never be charged extra for going over your plan’s listed data amount. This is especially beneficial for families that have kids, teens, or generally high usage members.


There are three different no overage plans available at PTCI. There is a 30 GB plan for 1 line, a 60 GB plan that can be shared with up to 4 devices, and a 120 GB plan that can be shared with up to 6 devices. Not including voice and text, the 30 GB plan costs $50 per month, the 60 GB plan costs $65 per month, and the 120 GB plan costs $80 per month.



With these no overage plans, you and your family can use your smartphones worry free. Instead of charging you more if you hit your plan’s data cap, the data is temporarily removed until your next billing cycle when it will be restored.  However, you can still use WiFi during this time. Generally, it would take a lot of heavy usage to reach this point as the data amounts provided through the no overage plans are very generous and most typical users will not exceed these amounts.


PTCI’s no overage plans were created to help people take advantage of their devices without stressing about overages. Your bill will always stay consistent and you’ll never have to worry about surprise charges. PTCI is always moving forward to provide our customers with the best experience. If you have any questions about our no overage plans, our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. Please call 580-338-2556 or visit one of our office locations to learn more.