Do You Have the Speed You Need?

Do You Have the Speed You Need?


The more devices you have connected to the internet in your home, the more speed you need to keep them running smoothly. If you connect too many devices to a router without having enough speed, you can experience lag and other issues on your devices.


With more and more devices using the internet, 20Mbps is recommended for those of you who want to do basic tasks like browse the web. If you enjoy streaming on multiple devices, gaming, or other more intensive tasks, you should look at plans with higher speeds to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Speed is not the only factor affecting a great internet experience. Your WiFi plays a huge role as well, which is why PTCI offers Whole Home WiFi. PTCI’s Whole Home WiFi is designed for most homes, and will help eliminate frustrating dead spots.


In addition to providing great signal, PTCI’s dual-band routers allow you to connect your devices automatically to two signals. This is similar to adding an additional lane to a highway. It helps fight congestion and keeps your devices running faster.


If you’re not sure what speed is right for you, or if you’re interested in Whole Home WiFi, please visit one of our office locations in Guymon, Perryton, Spearman, Beaver, Boise City, or Laverne; or call 580-338-2556 to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives.