PTCI qualifies for a partial waiver from the FCC that relieves PTCI from offering audibly accessible functionality for its two-way video services via on-screen text menus and guides for the display or selection of multichannel video programming provided by navigation devices that it leases or sells in real-time upon request by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Therefore, customers who are blind or visually impaired using PTCI will not be able to access some of the two-way service functions, such as video-on-demand, in the display or selection of multichannel video programming via on-screen text menus and guides included in the device that PTCI leases or sells to you. Other television providers in your area may offer navigation devices with complete audibly accessible features. For more information, contact PTCI at 580-338-2556 or email



PTCI provides products and services to help customers with visual impairments engage in digital content more easily than ever before.

We offer an audible TV guide for customers with visual disabilities. We’re committed to providing quality accessibility solutions, and depending on the customer’s service location, we’ll provide one of the following audible TV experiences:

A receiver preloaded with guide narration, our flagship talking guide solution. Customers can navigate guide with full audible support of guide, on demand and accessibility features (only available in certain locations).

For more info please call us at (580) 338-2556.

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