TV Service Ending

TV service will end on June 30, 2020

In January 2002, PTCI introduced Digital Interactive Television (DITV). We currently provide TV service to 16 communities in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles.

Now a higher-quality, less-expensive technology exists. So, what is this better, less-expensive technology? You’ve probably heard about streaming TV. Streaming is watching TV over your internet connection. While PTCI will not be your TV provider moving forward, your new digital picture and sound will be delivered over your PTCI internet. When you combine your high-speed PTCI internet with HD picture, the improvement in clarity and picture quality will surprise you.

PTCI TV service will end on June 30, 2020. If you subscribe to PTCI’s traditional TV service or Skinny TV service, we encourage you to use this time to select another TV provider.

Even though this change may seem daunting, those who have already switched from traditional TV to streaming TV providers have noticed tremendous rewards. Great improvement in picture quality and savings of around $1,000 per year are a couple of these benefits. PTCI is also committed to helping our customers achieve the best possible experience with two essential services: Whole Home WiFi and Streaming Care.

“PTCI understands that changing from traditional TV to internet streaming TV may seem formidable to some of our customers. As a cooperative, we stand ready to help our customers through this transition. Over the past year, we have held, and will continue to hold, streaming workshops to help customers through this transition,” explains Shawn Hanson, CEO, PTCI. “With this announcement, we are providing customers with plenty of time to make their TV decision. If customers need personal assistance with this change, our Streaming Care service is a personal and caring hands-on service that assists customers step-by-step through the transition process.”

PTCI has been honored to be your TV provider through the years and looks forward to improving your entertainment experiences with our high-speed internet.