Tips for E-Learning

Classrooms are now remote. Parents, teachers and students are navigating the online world of e-learning, many of them for the first time. People of all ages are e-learning, from grade schoolers to college students. If you’re new to e-learning, you may be wondering what you’ll need to succeed in your classes. Here are some tips to get you started.

Elementary age through high school students;

Most online homework does not demand an expensive high-end computer. However, you do want to make sure your student has an up-to-date computer. Make sure the computer is running the latest version of Windows, Chrome OS, or macOS and receiving current security updates. A laptop is the best way to go because it gives your student access to a webcam and microphone if their classes require video calls.

College students;

A college student’s needs are dependent upon the type of work they are doing. A student who is an English major is going to have very different needs from a student who is a graphic design major. Most modern laptops will serve the English major well when he or she is writing papers, browsing for research articles, or participating in a video lecture. The graphic design student will require a laptop with a good processor, graphics card, and plenty of RAM. Most modern gaming laptops will fit these requirements, while still giving the student portability and access to a webcam.


Once you’ve chosen the right device for you or your students’ needs, you will want to make sure that you have the internet speed you need. If the student is going to be the only one on the WiFi during school hours or doing homework, a 20 Mbps connection will likely be adequate. However, if there are other people in the household working, streaming, playing games, or using the WiFi in other ways it may be worth considering upgrading to a more suitable speed. You can use PTCI’s Internet Speed Calculator to discern what speed is right for your household. With adequate upload and download speeds, you can rest assured the homework will get to your student and back to the teacher.

PTCI has you covered;

While e-learning is new to some, it’s not a new concept. Many people attend college or home-school online. Technology makes it easier than ever to get a great education remotely, and PTCI is here to help connect you. We have established free WiFi for students to use at different locations in Guymon including the rodeo grounds, Kids Inc. tee ball field parking lot, PTCI office on 5th and Main St., and the west side of Sunset Lake. If you have any questions or concerns about staying connected at this time, please call 800-562-2556 and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.