Samsung Google Partnerships

Tech giants Samsung and Google have long been business partners in the smartphone, tablet, and laptop markets. Recently, both companies have announced a renewal in their partnership to focus on wearables like smartwatches and improving the Android experience on Samsung devices like smartphones.

What does this renewed commitment between the two companies mean? Primarily that they are going to focus on improving the efficiency of Samsung’s devices.

Samsung is one of the top hardware manufacturers in the world. They are considered the best in screen technology. They also manufacture their own processors, camera lenses, and smartphone bodies. Samsung does seem to fall short in some of its software development though. The virtual assistant, Bixby, is an example of a piece of Samsung software that just never really could win over users. Hardware seems to be Samsung’s strong suit.

Google, on the other hand, isn’t as proficient in hardware design. Google’s forte is software. Its camera processing software is considered the best on the market by many and Android has seen huge success being the world’s top operating system. Google’s Pixel smartphone lineup shows off Android best, providing users with the most optimized and clean Android experience on the market. But the Pixels’ hardware isn’t even close to Samsung’s Galaxy lineup. Pixels typically have worse battery life due to small batteries, a less durable body, a worse screen, and fewer camera options.

If Samsung is making some of the best hardware, and Google making some of the best software, it stands to reason that these companies can create great devices together. The goal is to create wearables, Chromebooks, smartphones, and laptops that are highly efficient, optimized, have great battery life and have plenty of power to accomplish tasks that have previously only been accessible through traditional PCs.