How is your first car like your first internet plan?


Do you remember your first car? It may not have been luxurious, fast, or very cool, but it got you where you needed to go. Your internet plan may be similar. Many people subscribe to an internet speed that is just good enough to get by. But when something strains that internet connection, it’s like trying to force an old under-powered car up a steep hill—lots of sputtering and struggling in the form lag.


As time passed, you probably upgraded to a newer vehicle. Maybe you bought something better equipped to handle the road you travel now, whether a rough dirt road or a fast straightaway. Upgrading your internet can be beneficial in this way too. By moving to a newer, more robust plan, you will cover all your current usage needs, and not only some of them. This change in speed will allow for a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience; you might say “a smoother ride.”


Just as more horsepower has become standard in cars over the years, the same is true of the internet. Applications, streaming, and other online activities demand more speed than they have in the past. This shift is a constant acceleration as technology advances. Higher resolution images are processed to take advantage of higher refresh rates and higher resolution screens on our devices. Applications include advanced features. Services aim to be more instantaneous than ever before.


This demand for data means an internet plan that was once sufficient may not cut it anymore. You can have devices with the best specs, but if you don’t have enough internet speed, your devices can’t reach their full potential. It’s like having a sports car that can’t shift out of first gear.


If you’re not sure you have the internet speed you need to run your devices smoothly, check out our internet speed calculator. This tool will suggest the best speed for you based on your unique internet usage. You may also want to see if your network usage is too much for your current plan by running a speed test. If your speed displays much slower than your subscribed package, your network usage could be affecting your experience by using all the available bandwidth.


If you have questions about your current internet speed or are interested in upgrading, please call 580-338-2556 to speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives about which plan is best for you.