Basic Attention Token


Do you wish that you were paid for your time on the internet? Basic Attention Token aims to do just that. Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency designed to be a currency granted for your time and attention to internet ads and use of the Brave web browser.


BAT was created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. Its goal is to make digital advertising more efficient and less intrusive through blockchain technology. Right now this is mostly an experiment. Cryptocurrency itself can also still be said to be in the experimental phase. Different tokens/coins aim to have different uses and utilities. Basic Attention Token is one of the first to focus on paying people for their time and attention.


The thought is that this technology will result in internet users experiencing more tailored ads, while not having to watch as many ads as a total. It was also created with the goal of letting users be more in control of their privacy and data. Users need to give permission to certain ads or ad categories before they can see them. Do you think this technology is going to gain popularity in the future? Only time seems to know.