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PTCI is proud to offer competitive wireless plans that fit your needs. Take a look at our plans, or use the links to the left to find other information about our wireless offerings.

Cell Phone (Unlimited Voice and Text)  $35.00 Per Phone per Month
Pick a Data Plan Below to Share with all your Devices
Data Share Plans
1 GB   $20.00 $20.00 per GB over
3 GB   $50.00 $20.00 per GB over
5 GB   $70.00 $20.00 per GB over
7 GB    $80.00 $20.00 per GB over
10 GB   $95.00 $20.00 per GB over
15 GB    $120.00 $20.00 per GB over
20 GB    $140.00 $20.00 per GB over
30 GB  $200.00 $20.00 per GB over
50 GB  $325.00 $20.00 per GB over
SINGLE LINE- 2 GB Data (not shared) $25.00

Quality of service may vary on networks outside the PTCI Home Area. Certain features and functions will not be available and reception may be diminished by obstructions, such as buildings and foliage. No guarantee of coverage is given.

Lifeline Services available


Security Coverage Mobile Suite for web page

Text & Data Packages

100 Mobile Voice Minutes  $   10.00
One-Half GB  $   10.00
1000 Text Messages  $   10.00
Non-Phone Device Fee – add other devices to share your data plan  $     5.00
Cellular Protection Program  $     8.99
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