What is AI?

There has been a lot of talk amongst technology experts about AI recently. What is it? AI stands for artificial intelligence. This means that an AI is a program that is designed to be intelligent and designed to learn in order to become more intelligent. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are experimenting heavily with the concept.

AI programs are designed to retain and learn from experiences. The goal is to make a program that is constantly getting faster and smarter. AI programs are actually able to rewrite their own code in order to “evolve.” Theoretically, this means that AI programs can code themselves independently with no human interference supposedly needed.

Current AI programs are capable of guessing how conversations or situations will pan out, distinguish images, create music, and even engage in conversation. There have even been tests in which two AI’s had a conversation with each other instead of with a human.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence because there are many unknowns. No one truly knows where this technology will lead or how smart these programs could potentially become. Supporters of this technology claim that AI will help improve technology and the world. Meanwhile, those against the technology cite the fact that this is unexplored territory and we don’t know how powerful these programs could code themselves to become.

Artificial intelligence will be a key topic in the technology industry in the coming years as developers explore and debate the possibilities. Will AI provide an opportunity for our technology to better connect with us or could it possibly become Skynet? It’s impossible to say at this point. What do you think? If you’d like to respond to this article or suggest a topic connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.