The Power of Attitude


Attitude and outlook can drastically impact the way you live your life. Your attitude determines what goals you decide to pursue, how you handle challenging situations, and your overall level of happiness. Generally, there are considered to be three types of people. Pessimists, optimists, and realists.


A pessimist is someone who typically has a negative outlook on life. They assume the worst in people and situations. On one hand, assuming that the worst possible outcome will become a reality lowers expectations so that a pessimist isn’t taken by surprise when something bad occurs. They won’t be as disappointed as if they had assumed the best outcome would come true. However, being pessimistic can be a bad thing. Pessimists typically believe that all of the bad things that happen in life outweigh the good. This can be a depressing mindset and oftentimes a pessimist can break this mindset by looking at all of the good things they have in their life and appreciating that they have them. Family, friends, pets, a home, vehicle, etc.


An optimist is basically the opposite of a pessimist. They see the good in every situation and in people. An optimist looks on the bright side and figures that everything will work out for the best in the end. Unfortunately, this mindset can cause heartbreak and disappointment for the optimist at times, but optimists are generally more apt to try to new things, strive to achieve their goals and dreams, and have a happier outlook. A happier outlook feeds their optimism. They may get discouraged at times, but typically bounce back fairly quickly.


A realist fits in between the two extremes of optimism and pessimism. A realist logically examines a situation and then determines how they feel about it. Perhaps they will be more pessimistic about a situation or perhaps more optimistic. It could also be that they are more open minded about situations and just want to see how things will play out before making a judgement. A realist is a happy medium but they should be careful not to get stuck in a rut in which they don’t try new things or think of new ideas.



Overall, it is great to have a positive attitude. A positive attitude motivates you, helps reduce stress and can make you a happier person in general. A positive outlook can be complimented by a realistic attitude. Understand the reality of a situation, but also strive and hope for the best outcome. If the best outcome doesn’t occur, don’t be upset. Not everything will always fall into place like we want, but we can use these situations as a learning tool. Some qualities that will help you achieve a positive outlook are determination, hopefulness, gratitude, generosity, thankfulness, forgiveness, and compassion. When we help others, we tend to help ourselves as well.


Strive to accomplish your goals in a realistic way. Do what you enjoy to improve your mood and attitude. Make room for hobbies, family, friends, exercise, and activities that you enjoy. When you set aside time for recreation you rejuvenate your body and your mind. Use that energy to be the best you that you can be.