Skinny Line-Up

PTCI’s Skinny Line-up

Recently PTCI has rolled out our new Skinny Line-up as an efficient, less expensive, and more compact television option for members of our community who don’t particularly enjoy paying for channels that they don’t watch. The Skinny includes 14 of our most popular channels for only $15/month. Channels included are: PTCI Channel 2, OETA, KVII-ABC Amarillo, KZBZ-News Channel 10 Too, KCIT-FOX Amarillo, KVIH-CW Amarillo, TBN, KACV, KAMR-NBC Amarillo, KFDA-CBS Amarillo, Telemundo, KCPN-MyNet Amarillo, Weather Central, and QVC.


The Skinny Line-up is viewed via Roku. That means that if you purchase the Skinny then you can download the Roku app on devices like smartphones and tablets to watch your favorite channels. You can also watch on your TV. Some smart-TVs come with a preinstalled Roku app, but if yours doesn’t then that’s okay. You can plug in a Roku device into most modern televisions and if you have an older television that doesn’t happen to have an HDMI input then there are converters you can purchase from electronic retailers or online to make an HDMI input available to you.


Ultimately, the Skinny is different from our other television services in that it runs on your internet. This makes the Skinny more mobile and readily available on multiple devices. Up to 5 different devices can be put on one account so you could watch the Skinny on 2 smartphones, 2 tablets, and a TV as an example. Since the Skinny is streamed through your internet connection it is recommended that you have at least 20 Mbps internet speeds and you must have at the very least 12 Mbps internet speeds.

You may be wondering, “if PTCI can put these specific channels into this Skinny Line-up then why can’t they make me a custom TV package?” Well we have a very good answer for that question. There are 5 media companies who literally control 90% of the networks and they use this power as a negotiation tool to force television providers, like PTCI, to carry extra channels in order to have access to popular mainstream channels. Because these powerful media giants lump their channels all together in contracts, PTCI is unable to individually select any channel we choose to create custom TV packages.


Additionally, these major companies also tend to raise their rates regularly. The FCC has stated that the average price for basic cable TV service has increased 2.3% over the last year. This is due to the big networks raising their network fees. This makes it far more expensive for smaller companies like PTCI to provide their programming to our customers. In fact, the average TV provider paid $12.7 million to local broadcast stations for the retransmission of broadcast programming. You can learn more about this at


Due to all of these variables, the Skinny Line-up is a very good deal for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for channels they don’t watch. PTCI worked very hard to create a line-up that would include channels that are important to our customers, but also be less expensive than traditional TV packages.


If you feel that the Skinny is for you then please give us a call at 580-338-2556 for more information or come visit us at one of our office locations. We also have a list of FAQs available for you on our website just in case you have any additional questions. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the answers and help you may need to get your Skinny Line-up set up!