Prepare for Severe Weather


The Oklahoma and Texas panhandles can sometimes be prone to bad weather. It’s important that we be prepared when severe weather occurs. Having a plan in the event of emergency can be immensely helpful.

Tornados are one of the deadly threats that frequent the panhandles. In the event of a tornado it is best to seek shelter. A basement or storm shelter would be the best option but if these options aren’t available then moving to an interior room with no windows inside of a sturdy building is the next best choice.



Winter storms often cause power outages and so it is very important to be prepared in case you do lose power. An alternate source of heat, like a propane heater, can help you stay warm in frigid temperatures. It’s also a good idea to have pre-bought water bottles and jugs in case your water source isn’t available to you. Food that is unperishable and doesn’t need to be cooked is necessary in a power outage.

Being able to communicate and receive information during an extreme weather event is needed. Fortunately, most PTCI landline phones come with a battery backup and will still work in the event of a power outage. Additionally, PTCI also sells power banks that can charge your cellphone when power isn’t available. These battery backups and power banks make it possible for you to stay in touch and updated throughout a catastrophic event. Call PTCI at 580-338-2556 or visit one of our office locations for more details.